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About BBM Designs

BBM Designs is a small creative design studio in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, founded by New Hampshire artist, designer, programmer, and musician, Dave Kobrenski

For more than a decade, BBM Designs has been in the business of providing creative services and innovative solutions for organizations large and small. From concept to finished product, our professional design, code, and collaboration skills have been put to use in countless projects across the country.

BBM Designs actively partners and collaborates with the Richard Lewis Media Group in Boston, MA, Barking Cat Communications Designs, in Bristol, NH, as well as occasional freelance work. Contact me to inquire about availability for your next project.

Areas of Expertise

I specialize in designing and coding responsive websites and interactive web applications, with a strong knack for relational database systems. Highly visual, I can produce professional graphics with both traditional and digital media. I combine strong design sensibilities with a proficiency in code, and have over a decade of experience with marketing and SEO to boot.  I’ve been producing high quality graphics and illustrations since before there was a web, I have been hand-coding my own websites since 1999!

Code Expertise: HTML5, XML, Markdown, CSS & LESS, Javascript & JSON, PHP, MySQL & noSQL, Git
Software: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

Plugs & Endorsements:

I write code in the Coda editor, and highly recommend the Transmit FTP client. I love CodeKit for compiling and minifying my LESS and Javascript files. I’m a big fan of GitHub for managing my version control, and sleep better at night because DeployBot handles automatic deployment of application updates. Cloudflare is my go-to CDN to keep my client sites running smooth and fast. Harvest tracks my time and helps get me paid on time. And of course I do this all on a Mac. So now you know!

Last but not least: I ride longboards made by Kahuna Creations and SUPs made by Rogue.

About Dave Kobrenski

Dave’s creative projects:

Dave’s creative projects:

Dave Kobrenski is a software developer and graphic designer who specializes in creating dynamic, data-driven applications and media exhibits. His passion for good design and dedication to creating the best possible user experience have led him to work on numerous award-winning projects for museums and institutions worldwide, partnering with organizations such as the Richard Lewis Media Group in Boston, MA, and Barking Cat Communications Design in Bristol, NH.

Over the course of his 15+ years working in the field of web technologies, Dave has been responsible for creating relational databases, custom data management applications, and web-based media exhibits that are used by thousands of visitors every month at museums such as The California Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Mohonk Preserve, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum. His applications are in use today for collecting and organizing data by anthropologists at the Smithsonian Institution, geologists at the Old Faithful Visitor Education Center, scientists at the Museum of Biodiversity in Panama, and curators at the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston. He has worked with organizations large and small, local and international, giving the same attention to usability and design to all his projects.

Dave’s experience working on a variety of projects across multiple disciplines has helped him recognize the importance of identifying and understanding the individual user’s needs first in order to create a successful project. Although he is highly proficient in PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, DOM-based javascript, and other technologies used in modern web applications, Dave’s work sensibility is informed to a great extent by his background in visual communication, design, and the fine arts — understanding that the aesthetics and responsiveness of an application’s interface have the ability to enhance the user’s emotional response and overall experience with it. In short, Dave likes to create applications that are beautiful to look at and fun to use.

Dave believes that being well-rounded is important. In his spare time, he continues to pursue and develop his artistic talents, drawing and painting whenever time allows. He is an active music performer and composer, and has spent over two years living in West Africa to study traditional music and culture. He recently wrote, illustrated, and published his first book, titled Djoliba Crossing, about his experiences there.