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Panama Biomuseo - Digital Signage

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Role: HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, graphic design, various data API integrations

About the Project:

The BioMuseo’s permanent new exhibition in Panama City is titled Panama: Bridge of Life. Eight galleries and eight “devices of wonder” tell us about the origin of the Panamanian isthmus and its gigantic impact on the planet’s biodiversity. Over 43,000 square feet of exhibit space tell the story of the isthmus and the diverse species who live there.

BBM Designs was contracted to help develop and code a large scale digital signage piece for the BioMuseo that integrates real-time data on seismic activity throughout the region into an animated, dynamic, large-screen interactive display. Since the data is pulled seamlessly from API sources in the background, this beautiful large scale map updates itself automatically in real-time as data changes. The display also provides educational information to visitors.

Screenshots - click for slideshow / larger view