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Support Retainer / Terms

Ongoing support and maintenance for completed projects is handled through our Support Agreement at a reduced retainer rate of $65/hr (Regular rate is $95/hr).

Through a yearly contract, Client receives access to reduced-rate services that include:

  • Administrative User Training
  • Internal User Support (for up to 5 administrators)
  • Server Maintenance (Updates/Upgrades)
  • Consulting Services


Client must contract for a minimum of 1 year (12 months) at a minimum of 2 hours per month, and can increase or decrease monthly hours within the contract period at any time (prior to start of new month). Unused monthly credit hours may carry over to the next month (but not exceed 16 in total). Additional service hours rendered above the currently contracted amount will be billed at $95/hr. Client is invoiced monthly for contracted rate plus any additional services rendered. After the first 12-month contract period, client may cancel the Support Agreement with a 60 day written notice.

Rates and Plans


Regular Rate ($95/hr)

Retainer Rate ($65/hr)

2 hrs

3 hrs

4 hrs

5 hrs

6 hrs

7 hrs

8 hrs